Kuyakhanya Development Project


from the crew at Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Centre

Beauty, Nomo, Khanyisa, Jostina, Andiswe, Namakhaya

of Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Centre

wish all parents, friends, sponsors and all children,

a happy, constructive and successful 2011



Party Time 4 December 2010

Our end-of-year party was a great success. A big gathering of the families of our chilfden shared the celebration of a successful 2010. Good food, good friends and good music supplied by our own local St Michael's Marimba Band, made for an enriching experience. See the pictures and more info.




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Kuyakhanya is a development project based in Mandela Park, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Lead by Beauty Gubuza, it includes Kuyakhanya Crafts, and Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Centre

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