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While some do so little with so much

Others do so much with so little


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Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Centre is based in Beauty's home. It means Beauty has a small part of her home to live in, yet makes this sacrifice gladly for the good of those who attend the Centre.


A visitor will not even be aware of the presence of a home at  the Centre, as it goes about the daily activities with all the happy children and dedicated teachers each playing their roles admirable. It is a fully established Educare and Aftercare and produces amazing results in spite of its limited facilities. 


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The Centre accepts children from babies to pre-grade R level. There are three classrooms / playrooms where the child practitioners take care of the children according to their ages and needs.


The little ones

Jostina and Khanyisa Zono are in charge of the babies and toddlers up to the age of two years.


class 1 children

Their classroom includes cots and beds, and toys of all sorts to keep the little ones busy and amused. Included in this group are some handicapped children who are given special attention. The happy atmosphere speaks for itself as does the shine on the floor. This is a Centre that does not just take care of children, but also cares about the children in its care.


toddler care special care

The children shine with well being and greet visitors with smiling faces and enthusiasm - even though a few become a little bewildered by strange faces.


Classroom 2

This classroom door should carry a warning, considering the enthusiasm of these two to three year olds. This is a time of discovery and clearly Andiswe Ndabami, the child practitioner who take care of them, is undaunted by their boisterous and busy natures. It is a delightful experience seeing them crowding together to greet and overwhelm visitors. In their classroom, lifeskills and general knowledge are offered to expand their minds and prepare them with inquisitive natures for the years of study ahead.

2-year olds  eyes and wide-eyed wonder



Classroom 3

In this room, the message becomes more serious. Challenging posters and activity corners get these Pre-grade R, 4 to 6 year olds thinking about the world they live in. Teacher Namakhaya Gubuza takes her work seriously and while controlling the environment, ensures it is rich in challenges and freedom of expression.

teacher pre drage R

getting ready for grade R

Busy is the keyword, but an interruption by a camera wielding visitor is welcomed with glee. After that, the challenge is to answer all the questions about why and where and who and ......

activity corner


The kitchen

Looking after the hungry stomachs

At any time during the day, you will find Nomo Afrika busy in her kitchen, cooking, cleaning and preparing for the multitude. Like so many backroom workers, Nomo goes about her work with minimum fuss. Yet her caring nature is obvious and her spotless kitchen speaks for itself. The joy of seeing children enjoying her food is her most valuable compensation.


cook in her kitchen


While space is restricted, the layout of Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Centre makes maximum use of what there is, providing adequate facilities to play and run about during breaks. The play area also becomes the entertainment centre when events take place - like this one, at the end of the 2010 year. The shade covering, donated by a sponsor, makes this area (used by others in this street for parking cars) very multifunctional. (Carless) Beauty believes her area is put to much better use.

cobered play area


When the children need to really stretch their legs, they are able to escape onto the common behind the Centre where under close supervision, they can play in the sandpit. or run around on the grass.

common behind kuyakhanya

Beauty runs a tight ship, expects each staff member to pull her weight, and expects the children to learn good behaviour. Still, her gentle and loving nature ensure that no need goes unnoticed and if at all possible, it is met. She always is wishing that she can do more, and clearly has the drive and desire to extend her influence within her community. But when it comes to publicity, she is first to shrink into the background. She leads by example and is completely involved in Kuyakhanya in all its aspects.


This bears repeating ...

While some do so little with so much

Others do so much with so little

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Kuyakhanya is a development project based in Mandela Park, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Lead by Beauty Gubuza, it includes Kuyakhanya Crafts, and Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Centre

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