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Beauty tells us about the craft side of the Kuyakhanya Development Project


I am the also the head of a small craft business called Kuyakhanya (it is daylight) Craft. This is a project established 1999 with the aim of empowering unemployed people.

As a black Xhosa woman, it is part of my culture to produce bead work. We are taught from a very early age how to make the various traditional items.

This is a job that takes much time and is very fine work, so the eyes are strained and one needs to be very patient. One wrong move can destroy the whole pattern especially with the special pieces. Yet in the end, the items are beautiful and give much pleasure to the person who makes them and the person who wears them, or gets them as a gift.

Apart from selling our work at markets, I also sell at traditional gatherings to help maintain our culture. Our handmade bead creations have fascinated both local and international visitors to the markets.

Kuyakhanya Craft started in my home but now is situated in other premises close by (to make space for Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Center). Kuyakhanya Craft produces a variety of craftwork but most items are made with or include small beads used in the African styles. The list or products is wide and ever increasing.

All items made with small beads in the African styles such as: Necklaces, Christmas and traditional dolls, Christmas decorations, tea showers, head gear, bangles, hand decorations, HIV aids and the South Africa flag badges.


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Kuyakhanya is a development project based in Mandela Park, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Lead by Beauty Gubuza, it includes Kuyakhanya Crafts, and Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Centre

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