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A message and invitation from Beauty Guguza

Firstly we want to thank those who help us do our important work in the community. Please click to visit their websites

Kidz 2 Kidz Santa Shoebox

and secondly, for more information on our work
Please contact me at
083 521 0444,  083 685 8230,  071 914 4150

email: bngubuza@gmail.com

Send us a message or response using the form here - please first note this security code

or call me to arrange a visit to us at Mandela Park, Khayalitshe - it is easy to find using the map below


also see us at Kuyakhanya Craft at the Country Craft Market in Somerset West


Where we are - our neighbourhood from our front gate

when we look left                                                                           when we look right


Getting there. As you get closer, our signs show the way. This is the sign at point 2 on the map.

For those who have not yet visited Khayakitshe, this will be an enlightening and interesting drive. You need to see these communities working at making their lives better,


The welcome mat is at the front door


Some more detail


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Kuyakhanya is a development project based in Mandela Park, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Lead by Beauty Gubuza, it includes Kuyakhanya Crafts, and Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Centre

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