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It all began with a development project and an NGO, a small business, called Kuyakhanya Craft.


Beauty Gubuza is the inspiration and driving force behind this initiative and her inspiration is captured in the name Kuyakhanya. Kuyakhanya can be Interpreted in many ways, its esoteric meaning carrying aspects of a new awakening, new insights, new initiatives, new ..


Perhaps Beauty's own simple explanation offers the greatest insight. She says simply, Kuyakhanya means "it is daylight".

beauty, founder of Kuyakhanya

The very name reflects the spirit of this enterprise, the awakening from their slumbers, of the many skills used in traditional crafts that were slowly becoming dormant, or worse still, being lost. And as they re-emerge under Beauty's guidance, indeed it is a new dawning, Kuyakhanya, "it is daylight" again.


Beauty explains. "As a black Xhosa woman, it is part of my culture to practice the crafts of the Xhosa women. Producing bead work is one of the most important, but also the most intricate and time consuming. We were taught from a very early age how to make all the items and shown the designs that were part of our tradition. People were forgetting about these handcrafts, not realising that they can make an important contribution to tourism and even show the everyday South African about the rich culture we have inherited. So Kuyakhanya Craft was born to give them new life and bring them into the daylight again."


Indeed, her belief in the relevance of traditional arts and crafts has been at the core of her success and still drives her onwards into new ventures - always with a broad and friendly smile.


Kuyakhanya Craft was established in 1999 and has already achieved much towards its aim of reviving traditional crafts, but also in the process, empowering unemployed people. "With the Kuyakhunya Development Project, I now have the opportunity to pass these skills on to assist others to also be employed", says Beauty proudly. "Those I train then also have an opportunity to both develop skills and to sell the craftwork that they produce", she adds.


Soon Kuyakhanya Craft was operational and functioning as a successful venture, but this very success spawned both a serious problem and an exciting new endeavour. The working women were unable to simply drop their responsibilities as care takers of their children. Therefore, some arrangement had to be made to provide safe care for the children while their mothers and grannies learned and worked.


And so an embryonic Kuyakhanya Educare Centre was born, initially simply to take care of the children of the Kuyakhanya Development Project's employees. The Educare Centre began to attract attention and Beauty recognised that there was a much wider need for educare and aftercare.


Working on a very restricted budget, Beauty began to modify her home in Mandela Park, Khyalitshe, moving into one small part and freeing up space for classrooms.

front view

That is where it started, but now, thanks to Beauty's sacrifices and the generosity of a number of businesses, Kuyakhanya Educare Centre is now fully functional and provides safe and instructional care to 80 to 90 children from babies to 6 year olds.


we love them all


But as anyone will realise, the demand is enormous in areas such as Khayelitsha, where parents need to work to try to improve the lot of family and especially children. Beauty is not able to see this need without hoping that she can help even more and is always seeking ways to increase the Centre to accommodate more children.




And few can have the insight, concern and drive that allows Kuyakhanya Educare to provide quality and safe care. Any visitor will see in the joy of the children, that this is an environment that allows them to be children, and grow in mind and body. Kuyakhanya Educare Centre offers instructive and loving care that is only possible because of the concern and dedication of the staff, and of course the ship's captain, Beauty Gubuza.



And they do....


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Kuyakhanya is a development project based in Mandela Park, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Lead by Beauty Gubuza, it includes Kuyakhanya Crafts, and Kuyakhanya Educare and Aftercare Centre

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